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Team of experts
Technology Talent : Occupy 10%
◆ More than 30 years experience in fasteners solutions-technical consultant; 
◆ 50% R&D engineers have more than 15 years experience in this industry; 
◆ Specialized engineering in materials, heat treatment, plating  
◆ Project Evaluation——Experts committee
Tech Patent
151 patents- R&D, Mathread—authorized, Deform-Mould design
◆ Our R&D has more than 20 years in developing fasteners solutions. Meanwhile, we bought many patents from abroad, for example Mat-point and MatThread.
◆ Our engineering team is capable of connecting  and supporting client's engineers directly.
◆ Quick response time, usually in 24 hours, also specialize in VA/VE.
Cold forming, CAM Machining, secondary turning, Mould manufacturing, Heat treatment, Finishing
We have applied 151 patents. 
There are 67 invention patents, 66 practical new-type patents, 
18 appearance design patents. 19 authorized invention patent, 
58 practical new-type patents, 16 appearance design patents.