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In order to improve employees' professional level and skills, training talents to meet the need of the company's rapid development, new kay, the establishment of a standardized and systematic training system, through the internal trainer training, professional training abroad, outside please expert training and self improvement way of training, give employees a lifelong learning and career development opportunities.



On-job training


Vocational Training


On-the-job skills training

Every new employee who has just entered the company will receive new orientation training for the company in order to understand and master the company's system, culture, philosophy and production process. Through the combination of learning and practice, this training helps new employees integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible and become the XINKAI people who identify with the corporate culture.   Every year, we need to set up a rich training course for the employees, so as to ensure that every employee can get good growth and development space.   To realize knowledge sharing, improve the comprehensive quality of overall, branch company, set up enterprise internal training, strengthen the internal training faculty, create a good internal trainer team, internal trainer is composed of department of professional experts, has the rich work experience and skills. For the backbone or management of the company, the company can be sent to professional consulting institutions for professional training.